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About the Book

The New Normal: A Widows Guide to Grief is a true-life journey told by Dr Olga Lavalle as she and her children discover their new normal after the sudden death of her husband, Mick.
Dr Olga provides an honest and sometimes raw account of her family’s journey through that first year as they adjusted to life without a husband and father.

This book is the map of grief that Olga wished she’d had in 2014 when she’d said goodbye to Mick. It is a must read for both a recent widow and for those that love her and are hurting too. Filled with step by step strategies this book will be the one book on managing grief that you’ll be glad you read.

Dr Olga’s approach to grief has a depth of understanding today that only someone who’s been though the journey can feel. She cleverly weaves her Professional Psychologist’s voice with the voice of herself as a mother and widow Olga introduces us to her beautiful children who also share their perspective of those first days, weeks and months as they adjusted alongside their mother.  As you turn the pages, you’ll possibly shed a tear, definitely smile and nod knowingly and with absolute certainty, gain wisdom and clarity for you and your family’s journey to find your new normal too.

This heartfelt book is a step by step guide. You’ll discover:

  • A kindred voice in Dr Olga, she understands what you’re going through
  • Help to manage the good days and the bad
  • What to expect as you experience grief
  • How to communicate how you feel
  • A checklist to tick off the overwhelming things to do
  • Clarity on what you need and how to ask for help
  • Understand what your children are going through and how to help
  • How to adjust to life without your loved one
  • Normalising what you are going through
  • Self-acceptance and guidance to slowly adjust to Your New Normal

About the Author


Dr Olga Lavalle understands the journey of grief from two perspectives… as a Clinical Psychologist and first hand, as a Widow.

Three years ago, she lost her husband suddenly… they thought they had the rest of their lives together. One day he was here… and the next gone. Since then, she has been raising two teenage girls on her own who are now 18 and 17, being supportive and guiding an adult son (from her husband’s first relationship) who is now 28, and working full time as a Clinical Psychologist in her own practice.

While you may be thinking because she’s a Psychologist that she would have found it easier to cope because she knew the theory of grief, and helped so many people before. However, when her husband died, she threw away the theories and became a woman, just like other widows, who learned to embrace and experience grief. In this book, she shares with readers, what she learnt, how she coped, how she’s helped other widow’s cope. She does this in the hope that readers find a little peace as they uncover their New Normal too.

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