About the Author

Dr Olga Lavalle is the Principal of Dr Olga Lavalle and Associates, a Psychology Practice near Sydney, Australia. Olga understands grief from two perspectives, as a Professional and first hand as a widow after the sudden death of her husband in 2014. She weaves her Professional Psychologist’s voice with the voice of herself as a mother and widow. Olga provides an honest and raw account of her family’s journey through that first year as they adjusted to life without a husband and father. Whilst speaking of her journey, she provides practical strategies to help people through grief and real life accounts of how she has helped other widows.

As a Clinical Psychologist, Olga has over 30 years’ experience working in Mental Health. Olga has worked in community mental health, inpatient mental health units, conducted research projects, and developed staff training programs. Olga has also co-authored many industry research papers and is regularly interviewed as an industry leader in the media.